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Top quality industrial blades are a prime product for Ravne knives. This renowned industrial blade producer is known as the only knives manufacturer in the world with access to its own steel production. That is why industrial blades from SIJ Ravne display many advantages over the competition. Let us have a look at the most important characteristics of Ravne industrial blades.

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  1. A long life cycle is primordial in any production. When considering the investment costs of industrial blades, many manufacturers might be tempted to choose a cheaper alternative. Yet, the dangers, that this mentality can bring, are not only linked to lower quality materials and technological level, but also to the frequency of repairs and downtime. Choose wisely.
  2. Paradoxically, it might seem that when industrial blades are durable and therefore sustainable, flexibility might be lower. Yet, the opposite is true. When a product is truly versatile, it displays flexibility in terms of hardness and strength of material. This allows for greater versatility and interoperability.
  3. There is a saying “made from steel”, meaning that something is very strong. When industrial blades have to cut through iron and stone, they should display the highest levels of hardness. Only top quality products can guarantee that kind of performance.

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Shredder blades – Choose the with the longest life-cycle

Shredder blades made at Ravne knives possess all of the qualities listed above. The use of shredder blades varies and encompasses many different fields, such as recycling of plastic and rubber, as well as paper and cardboard. The recycling of tires and waste from households applies as well. Shredder blades should be made from a durable material, such as steel, and have the following traits:

  • Be very strong to cut through piles of other materials, such as cardboard, wood or plastic.
  • Be heat resistant, because in many cases, waste will ignite and a fire hazard will exist.
  • Be highly resistant to wear and tear. The shape and material of the shredder blades should resist all pressures from outside.
  • Be made primarily from steel, like carbon steel or alloy steel. The alloys use nickel-chromium, nickel, or chrome-vanadium.

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Mewa shredders and other shredder knives manufacturers use Ravne knives

Mewa shredders are produced at Andritz MeWa, which is a part of the German enterprise Andritz Recycling. A customer of Ravne knives, Andritz MeWa equips its Mewa shredders with products from Ravne. Other shredder knives manufacturers have also trusted the Ravne brand, which is known for its reliability, expertize and long-standing tradition.

The Ravne knives are a product of SIJ Ravne systems, a company building on the Ravne steel production, which goes back for centuries. The local population and the incoming experts have managed to unite the knowledge and pool the synergies for a state-of-the-art result. The iron-making tradition in the region Koroška (Carinthia) is rich and long. It started in the Roman days, when the big kingdom was getting their supplies from this part of the world. Consequently, the name and reputation of Ravne steel was growing.

An important step was the industrialization in the 19th century, when several smaller foundries in the valley were pooled under the frame of the local nobility workshop. The greatest development and growth were achieved after the WWII. When the years-long global conflict has subsided,  and the need for peace-time products was on the rise, our Ravne steelworks was one of the biggest industrial players in this part of the world. Following several restructuring steps after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the company now has a solid worldwide reputation as a leader in steel innovation and production, as well as producing end products, like knives.

shredder knives manufacturers