Charcoal cookers transform cooking with charcoal with sophisticated versatility

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Charcoal cookers are the perfect combination of kitchen ovens and outdoor grills. The latest technology provides the best features of each to modern gastronomy. Using charcoal as a fuel source guarantees a simple preparation and brings a delightful aroma to the food. The switch between the outdoor charcoal grill and the oven is quite simple. Working with the open door provides the cook with all the advantages of the oven.

But by keeping the door open, the cooker transforms into a conventional grill. The advanced appliance is the result of a highly technological process. Cooking with charcoal did not just change the way, people grill at home but also set new standards of grilling in a professional field.


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8, paramount advantages of cooking with charcoal

Cooking on charcoal BBQ has many advantages. It does not just give the food exceptional smokey flavour but also provides a wholesome experience. Using charcoal cookers grants a satisfying experience, as clever manoeuvres have to be used to achieve desired results. Grilling is the oldest but most rewarding form of outdoor cooking. The procedure did not change as much as we presume. We may use fancier equipment, but the result is still the same as the one back in the day. There is no doubt that it has multiple advantages. Amongst them, we can find:


  1. The tender taste is impossible to replicate with other cooking methods
  2. Charcoal elevates meals to another level and gives satisfactory results every time due to its versatile use
  3. These advanced grills allow complete control over cooking zones, which makes the cooking process much more efficient
  4. Outdoor charcoal grillsoffer a more hands-on experience and are more energy-efficient
  5. They are incredibly adaptable and can operate at lower temperatures than most grills
  6. They also produce higher temperatures which result in perfectly seared vegetables and meat
  7. Charcoal cookerstend to vaporise any drippings and oils rather than burning them
  8. They are less expensive and provide better long-term value

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How to cook on a charcoal grill?


Charcoal cookers are easy to use, and one does not have to be a chef to master the pocess. If you have bought or plan on purchasing a grill, you probably Googled “How to cook on a charcoal grill?”. The results can be overwhelming but remember that grilling is just a skill, you have to master. Yes, mistakes will be made. But once you master the process, you will host some wonderful cookouts and dinner parties. At that point, that first burnt steak will be just a fond memory.

Let’s start at the begging. If you are new to grilling, the most significant thing you can do is choose the proper coal. There are a few different types of charcoal, and each serves various requirements in terms of flavour and heat. No matter which one you choose, make sure to, store them in a dry place. Starting the cooker is usually the most daunting task. Arrange the chunks depending on the results you wish to achieve. The heat is regulated, with the two hatches. When igniting the kindling – open both. After you reach the desired temperature, close the bottom hatch. This will allow you to regulate the heat with the top hatch.

When cooking with charcoal, monitor the temperature. Different foods require different temperature levels. Food such as steaks, dense vegetables and burgers can handle high heat. But foods like chicken, sausages or chicken require lower heat. After use, properly clean the grill. Start with brushing the grates. If they are still a bit stained, dip them in hot water and dish soap. Before removing the ash, check if the grill is completely cooled. Cleaning the interior will help you get rid of any grimy mess. Wiping the exterior is just as important as cleaning the interior. Keep the outside of the cooker looking clean and shiny by giving it a quick wipe.

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Why Kopa outdoor charcoal grills are the best choice for your first grill


Outdoor charcoal grills Kopa are known for refined design and economical efficiency, which results in lower operating costs. The sophisticated versatility is an exemplary reflection of the thoughtful, polished and yet user-friendly design. Using charcoal cookers will get new dimensions as this appliance was designed to add a variety of flavours and unique BBQ aroma to all types of food. That is done with the help of a high-quality insulation system and controlled air movement, which ensures that the oven is sufficient as possible.

The structure also reduces consumption by 50%. Two of its main features are its manageability, which allows for simple heat regulation, and speed. Quality manufacturing and technologically perfected design save you at least 30% of cooking time. Cooking on charcoal BBQ is even better with controlled smouldering of the charcoal inside the grill, which prevents flames from breaking out.

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